Anna Shevchuk, the digital artist.
Welcome to my webpage.

        Hello! My name is Anna and I am a digital artist.

  I am engaged in digital painting, drawing portraits of people and animals and other stuff.

  In 2013, I graduated from FEFU with a degree in Art of Interior. ( here you can look at my achievements during the study )

  After graduation, I worked at the advertising agency "NewTONE" (advertising design) for some time. But I did not like advertising business at all and finally I quit.

  Next, I studied aerography in the studio "Good tone", then for some time taught there.

  After that I decided to switch to free creativity. Now I live in Vladivostok and work on individual orders, mostly remotely.

      If you like my work posted on this site - you can order something similar for yourself.

  Digital drawings can then be printed out in the form of a portrait or a picture, or used to print on any souvenir.

  In general, everything that I can do is presented on this site. Watch, choose and order if you like...


      All works, paintings, images represented here are owned by it's author Anna Shevchuk and protected by copyriright laws. Unauthorised printing, copying or reproducing in any way and purposes without author's personal permission is strictly prohibited.