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Portraits made from photo

        I started painting people portraits relatively recently, so I still have a small variety of styles. But I learn quickly and not afraid of bold experiments. Suggest your ideas, who knows - maybe your portrait will turn out to be a true masterpiece;)

       A very important point to be understood: a portrait from a photo is not a copy of a photo! The portrait depicts a person and the situation or composition of the picture the way I see it. That is - if you wish I can draw exactly that person, but not quite the same as in the photo. Or draw, changing both the person himself and his environment somehow.

Depending on your desire, the portrait can be very realistic, or vice versa stylized for any technique you like.

        So, what do I mean: you can order me a portrait of any person by sending one or more of his photos. For example, a portrait of a friend or relative, in the desired view, plot or background.

      The advantage of this approach is that I dont need a person to make a portrait, only photographs are enough (of course, several are better, but if successful, one can suffice). A person himself even may not know that you ordered his portrait to me - and this, in turn, can be used to create an original and unexpected gift or surprise, for example, printing a picture in a frame or ordering something like a souvenir - a sticker for example, or t-shirt, mug, puzzle with this portrait...

So, you can come up with and do anything you want. And I will be happy to help you with this. Contact me!

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      All works, paintings, images represented here are owned by it's author Anna Shevchuk and protected by copyriright laws. Unauthorised printing, copying or reproducing in any way and purposes without author's personal permission is strictly prohibited.