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Pet portraits

        Drawing animals, especially woolen and fluffy ones, is one of my favorite activities.

We take an ordinary photo of your pet, choose in what style and plot to draw, add background if you wish, or even add something that is not present on the photo.

      Depending on your desire, the portrait can be very realistic, or vice versa stylized for any technique you like.

      I can draw almost anything you want, and this will be your, well recognizable pet, not just "a picture similar to it".

      The drawing can then be printed out either as a picture in a frame, or you can print it on any object, be it your dogs personal bowl or for example a mug, a sticker on a car or even a T-shirt. It's all your choice limited by your fantasy only.


      All works, paintings, images represented here are owned by it's author Anna Shevchuk and protected by copyriright laws. Unauthorised printing, copying or reproducing in any way and purposes without author's personal permission is strictly prohibited.